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Organizational Endorsement Information: 

If your organization would like to endorse a candidate for President, Vice President, or Events Director, you must follow Council Elections Commission (CEC) guidelines:

Candidates may not receive organizational endorsements before the YCC-YDN Debate. The CEC will only consider endorsements valid (and publish them on the ballot) if at least one member of a given organization attends the YCC-YDN Debate and has its organization’s president (or equivalent leader) confirm the attending member’s selected endorsements. Candidates may reach out to organizations with a request that the organization consider endorsing in an election or elections at any time during campaigning period; this communication is encouraged to include the below guidelines for organizational endorsements but may not include an explicit request to endorse the candidate or candidates. 

Each organization seeking to endorse a single candidate for any position must meet the following requirements:

  1. The organization has offered all candidates for the position in question an individual endorsement interview of equal length and nature. These interviews should be hosted by the relevant decision-making body in advance of an endorsement decision.

  2. The organization has emailed the Chair of the CEC, reilly.johnson@yale.edu, and disclosed any and all affiliations (including past membership with any candidates for the position which they seek to endorse) in this email. Organizations with strong affiliations to a particular candidate are urged to consider abstaining from the endorsement process. These affiliations will be disclosed, jointly with organizational endorsement, on the public online voting portal.

  3. As previously mentioned, at least one member of the organization must attend the YCC-YDN Debate, and the organization’s president (or equivalent leader) must confirm the attending member’s selected endorsements.